Residential Cleaning Service

Residential Cleaning ServiceBusy with your work? Have no time to clean your residential property? Don’t worry. We Ménage Total are here to solve your problem. We will clean your residential property with extra care by our trained workers who are doing this work since 2010. What includes in our residential cleaning services? From stairs to the bedroom, from the kitchen to bathroom, from store room to dining room we clean everywhere at a regular price rate.Each nook and corner of your house will be cleaned and washed. Our skilled workers know how to take care of your household chores. Now let’s take a short look what services we provide from residential cleaning services.

What Services We offer
Ménage Total offer a broad range of services. Let’s take a quick look at each part of our residential cleaning services.

• Cleaning Bedrooms and Living Room

Our workers are very expert at this sector. They will first clean the dust from the furniture in the living room or bedroom. Then they will clean the ventilation gaps if necessary. Our residential cleaning service team will switch on the thermostats. Clean and washing the television is also their works.Theteam of Ménage Total will clean your carpets and will wash the floors.

• Cleaning Dining Room

Our experienced team of residential cleaning service will not only clean your dining room but also decorate your dining room too. They will clean your tables and chairs of your dining room.

• Cleaning Kitchen

Ménage Total offers you the opportunity to take care of your kitchen too. As because keeping kitchen impeccable and clean is an essential part. Along with your household chores, they will keep your kitchen clean. Our professionals will take care of your kitchen sink, wash all cupboards. They will drain and keep clean of your trash bin. Our team members will also vacuum and wash the floor.

• Cleaning Bathroom

Our residential cleaning service includes bathroom cleaning too. They will clean your bathtub, wash mirrors and water taps and give you the possible best outfit for the bathroom using.

• Cleaning Stairs and Hallway

Keeping your doorway and stairs clean is also paramount to a beautiful life. We wash and clean every step of your stairs and ensures there is no dirt left. They also clean the hallway and remove thestain from the doors and frames.

• Cleaning Laundry Room

Our expert professionals also very much concern about your cleaning your laundry room service. They clean your washing machine and the drying machine.
Our Best Quality Services

We Ménage Total offer some best quality services for your residential cleaning service with our best-qualified person for this sector of working. You can rely on them and get the best service from us. We are always available.You can hire us anytime you want.