Stripping and Waxing Floors

Stripping & waxing floors CleaningOften, your office or the floor in your home may have dirt that pile, and that turns into an ugly dirt buildup. Your floor gets a dull reflection. It looks very messy and ugly to the general environment of your house interior. With Qualimaid, floor stripping and waxing goes beyond a janitorial service. It is, to say the least, an obsessive passion we have carried with us over the years. We do not only do the cleaning Servicesbut also give basic advice on an area we feel due. Before we start striping and waxing your floor, we will hold a discussion with you to discuss our work plan and give a recommendation regarding best wax coating you should choose.

Quali maid Cleaning Service Montrealfinds and hires the most proficient servicemen for the stripping and waxing of your floor.

We start from the basics which are sweeping, mopping off the dust, and vacuuming all the targeted floors.  We then apply a stripper solution on your floor and leave it on the floor surface for some few minutes.  We also deal with the stubborn dirt that build-up often remain the corner. The dirt is scrubbed off by hand and banished. The ability of our technicians to keep your corners build-up free is an enough indication the level of our proficiency.

superior-cleaningThe secret to maintaining the wax on your floor is taking care of your floor. As much as you would want it clean, you must also make an effort to maintain the waxed floors as they are expensive to buy, install new ones and repair the old ones. When caring for your floor, Quali maids Cleaning Service take it upon us to ensure nothing but the best is delivered.

Hire us to get the best floor care and maintenance.