Nowadays no one has the time to clean homes and lawns. With time constraints caused by demanding jobs, you will  find it difficult to have time with your family. Well, you can squeeze the time to do the cleaning, but you can never do it perfectly since you have much to do in a short period. With time, you will see some crawling animals wanting to share your space.

You can evade this situation by employing a professional to do it for you. At Quali maids, we have all it takes to work in your space to perfection. Together with up to task machines, our team will clean every corner of the home, provide specialized cleaning, janitorial services as well as clean doors and windows.

We understand that every room in your home needs a different attention from the other. For instance, the stains you will find in the bathroom are way different from those in the toilets or bedrooms. You will find tough stains in the toilets and lighter ones in the living room and bedrooms.

We will professionally clean grout, wipe and polish tiles, clean sinks and counters in the bathroom. You are assured of a clean place whenever you go to take a bath. We will scrub your kitchen to remove food stains and grease which can easily attract cockroaches and ants in your kitchen.  For this reason, it is necessary to do a thorough cleaning in your kitchen.

Other places like the balcony and corridors, it is important that they have a tidy appearance. We ensure this by removing the cobwebs, dusting furniture as well as vacuuming hard surfaces. In addition to the thorough cleaning, we disinfect all the areas that are likely to harbor disease-causing microorganisms. These, among others, are the services we will offer when you hire us to work in your home